Khabar Rahe - A film for citizens’ awareness on safety of sanitation workers | Subtitles

Urban Management Centre has made this film to create awareness amongst citizens on how to ensure safety of sanitation workers by calling on toll free no. 14420 to request for safe sanitation services.
The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013 prohibits the employment of manual scavengers and manual cleaning of sewers and septic tanks without proper protective equipment. The sewers and septic tanks should be cleaned via machines.

The guidelines by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs mandate establishing Emergency Response Sanitation Units (also called Sanitation Response Unit) at city or district levels for ensuring safe cleaning of septic tanks and sewer lines. The local authorities must provide a toll free no. for all citizens to request sanitation services through the Emergency Response Sanitation Unit.

Many cities have established the registered toll-free no. ‘14420’, on which citizens can call if they want their septic tanks to be cleaned. To understand your role as a responsible citizen and service seeker, the provisions under the Act and to demand services for cleaning of septic tank, watch the full video here.

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